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 152.  "Diamond, Pear Bottom & Mercedes together in the Gym" 3 Big Fat Booty's together in the gym Jiggling, shaking & Bouncing all over the place. Diamond, Pear Bottom and Mercedes working out on the treadmill, elliptical, bicycle, weight bench even floor exercises. They have so much fun together! A Super Awesome Video!!


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 151.  "World Record for the largest Hips!! The Uniquely Made Diva"  you can watch her beautiful body in several different tight fitting outfits, see her in sexy high heels, boy shorts, and watch her beautiful hips as she walks. A must have Video for any Pear lover.


 150. NEW->"Pear Bottom & the SGT full body Worship" SSBBW Pear Bottom spends an afternoon with the SGT and he Worships her entire body, Ass, Thighs, Belly and all.....

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 129. "Diva's walk outdoors & tight squeeze" Watch this gorgeous SSBBW walking outdoors as her hips sway from side to side. Watch her squeezing all of her loveliness into a small car. Super close-up shots! You will feel like your right there.

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 149.NEW-> "XXX Mr Pacman eats Pears bottom" & 'Pacman and Pears ass filled shower'  2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 54 minutes Mr Pacman is the right name for this lucky man! watch him eat up this sweet juicy pear in every way possible. And of course she returns the favor as he releases giving her a nice facial. You also get Mr. Pacman & Pear Bottom in the shower together, he helps wash her big fat juicy ass with a rag and then with his tongue! licking her pussy and her ass in the warm shower. Then he dries off her body with a towel and his tongue! tons of closeups as they both cum all night long!  Pear Pacman & Shower Combo

 148.NEW-> "A SSBBW Ivorys incredible blow job and more" & "Ivory and Pear bump"  2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 52 minutes Ivory always gives one hell of a blow job. He is such a lucky man! he also gets to fuck her sweet wet pussy, a night he wont forget and you get watch! You also get Super Sized Beautiful Women Shaking their Big asses and bumping them together great views from the floor up! great close ups! lots of motion! 2 Super Sized Beauties on one screen  Ivory BJ & Bump Combo


 147.NEW-> "Pear Bottoms every inch" & "Pear Bottoms big fat ass wet" 2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 53 minutes SSBBW Pear Bottoms showing us close-up every inch of her beautiful body! She's so flexible spreading her big gorgeous thighs open from the front, her huge butt cheeks from the back wiggling and jiggling for you. You also get to watch her big ass wiggle and jiggle! all of that soft fat moving from side to side seducing you every minute. You cant help but get excited watching her big beautiful Super Sized ass crawl up on on the bed spreading her cheeks open, and in the shower washing her big thighs and body. Super Close-Up shots!!  Pear Bottom Every inch & Fat wet ass Combo

 146.NEW-> "Pear Bottom outdoors & cleaning" & "Big Sexy Azz Willys walk" 2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 44 minutes Pear Bottom outside walking around looking for her driver, showing her big beautiful body. You will also see her cleaning the van reaching, stretching and bending this video has lots of great jiggley close ups. You will enjoy Big Sexy Azz Willy outside walking around showing her big thick legs and gorgeous soft ass. What a beautiful sight!  Pear Bottom walk & Willy walk Combo

 145.NEW-> "Moe & Tim Double Team Pear Bottom" Total 53 minutes Pear Bottom home with her boyfriend Tim, gets caught cheating by her 2nd Moe. They decide to teach her a lesson in this double team Video by sharing her Huge soft ass. Moe pounds her good for cheating and Tim eats her pussy and wont stop till she cums so hard and cant take it anymore.  Moe & Tim Double Team Pear Bottom

 144.NEW-> "Choc Pears back with a bigger booty" & "Chocolate pear huge ass shower" 2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 30 minutes She's back bigger and better than ever! BBW turned SSBBW Chocolate pear, one of the most beautiful Pear shaped models on the internet shakes her big fat ass for the camera, letting you watch everything jiggle. She also removes her top showing you her large full breast, the motion of her big ass is incredible. You also get Chocolate Pears Huge Ass Shower. WHOA what a Big Beautiful Fat Ass! The way it moves and jiggles and sways is mesmerizing! This SSBBW is awesome to watch in action. And here its brought to you super close up!  Chocolate Pears back & shower Combo

 143.NEW-> "SSBBW Ivorys back" & "SSBBW double oral trouble" 2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 60 minutes Super Sized BBW Ivory is back and she's brought over 50lbs with her! See her Big Beautiful body in tight pants shaking her fat ass and enjoy her taking them off. You also get to watch SSBBW Ivory and Kitty Kat together in this awesome video sharing this lucky mans penis. Back and forth, sitting up and laying down they share him giving him a blow job not to be forgotten. If you like oral sex you will enjoy seeing this AWESOME double blow job. Ivorys back & double oral Combo

 142. NEW->"Sugar Pears poolside wet walk' & "Sugar Pears facesitting n oil rub" 2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 45 minutes You will love watching Sugar Pear walking around poolside, her sexy body jiggling with every step. In the water she bounces her fat ass up and down splashing everywhere. You will also see her walking and running in the hallway she's out of the water more then she's in. You also get Sexy Sugar Pear facesitting on Moes happy tongue, and then he rubs down her big sexy ass with oil before she stands up and finishes the rest of her body herself. Both very sexy clips! Sugar Pears Pool & Facesitting Combo

 141. NEW->"Diamond & Moe shower" & "Moes big ass rub" 2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 38 minutes Diamond and Moe in the shower he's helping her wash her pear shaped body, she's teasing him as they are playing around in the water. He also massages her ass spreading it open giving you lots of sexy close-ups of her sweet pussy. She shakes and jiggles her ass for the camera, LOTS of close-ups! Guaranteed to get you HOT! You also get Moe rubbing lotion all over the ladies big fat asses, and then they do the same to him including massaging between his thighs. An awesome Clip! Diamond & Moe shower & Ass rub Combo

 140. NEW->"Choc Pear n Lizz pool" & "Choc Pear n Lizz walk" 2 Video Clips on this 1 DVD, total 55 minutes Chocolate Pear & Big Lizz in and around the pool showing their big beautiful bodies. Shaking and jiggling those 2 Fat sexy asses you love so much and having fun. You also get Chocolate Pear & Big Lizz walking outdoors in skin tight jeans. Watch these 2 sexy super sized bootys walking around outside, the sway and motion is beautiful to watch. If you love Huge asses these clips are for you. Choc Pear n Lizz pool & walk Combo

 91. "Models Audition 13"  You can watch Sexy BBWs Audition for Mercedes to become models for the website. Meet The Uniquely Made Diva, Lyric & Blu Angel.

 139. NEW->"Pear Bottoms Toys" Total 35 minutes Watch Pear Bottom as a Sexy Blond enjoy vibrators vaginally, anally and orally. She enjoys plying with her soft round belly and jiggling her fat ass many closeup and sexy action. Pear Bottoms toys

 138. NEW->"Diamonds lap dance", "Diamonds wrestling" & " Diamonds facesitting" Total 33 minutes You will enjoy Diamond giving Moe a lap dance sitting on his lap and standing up dancing with him letting him feel her soft fat ass rubbing against his body also Diamond wrestling Moe is a Action Filled Video! The first one to get the other naked wins. Diamond is a fighter and she give him some struggle, come see who wins and also included is Diamond facesitting Moe Johnson it is a must see, he has gotta be one of the luckiest men on earth. In this clip Diamond takes him on smothering him with her big thighs and huge ass is many positions. Diamond lapdance, wrestling & facesitting trio

 137.NEW-> "Pear Bottom & Moe taking it Deep" Watch Pear taking Moe Deep down her throat, him fucking her so deep and then moving to the living room  to continue, ending with her getting SUPER SOAKED with a INCREDIBLE facial. An awesome Video!

 136.NEW-> "Assalots SSBBW pool fun" Enjoy watching Ms. Assalot walk around the pool and swimming showing off her big thighs and huge ass. Over an Hour of her gorgeous body in and out of the water. She does have a lot of fun and you will also just watching.

 135.NEW-> "3 Way XXX Angel & Pear Bottom" Angel & Pear Bottom together with one very happy man. Two beautiful Super Sized BBWs in many different positions often on the screen at the same time. You will enjoy watching the women's beautiful bodies jiggling and swaying as he's behind them or they are riding him.

 134.NEW-> "Sugar Pear and Major Johnson XXX" These two go at it in many different positions, theres lots of Deep, Long Strokes, soft sexy riding as well as hard pounding its all here. Lots of HOT Action! This is a must see video.

 133.NEW-> "Diamonds Oral Ass Worshiping" This is the first time Diamond has been in some X-rated action. Watch Diamond have her Ass Worshiped as he massages oils, she does some facesitting and he starts licking and eating her sweet pussy. He's one very lucky man

 132.NEW-> "Chocolate Pear & Big Lizz XXX" The ladies enjoy a evening of Girl/Girl action. You will love watching these 2 Huge asses together on one screen, they are 2 Gorgeous woman and there's nothing they don't do in this video, Oral, toys, even facesitting. Yes Girl/Girl facesitting, the action in this video gets steamy and we catch SUPER CLOSE-UP shots you will see the cum drip from Chocolate Pears wet pussy, that's how close you will be

 131.NEW-> "Joi & Boom Boom All tied up! XXX" Joi's man catches her with another woman and he decides to join in tie up and torture the 2 women. He has sex with both and there's lots of close up fat jiggling & swinging all over the place. The ladies get him good at the end! awesome video

 130. NEW->Asshley's Shower, Facesitting & More" Its been 10 years since you have seen Asshley in a Full Video And we at Mercedesbbw.com are proud to be bringing you this Action filled Exclusive Video! Not available anywhere else. Lots of Shaking, Jiggling, Riding, Bending, Rubbing, Slapping and so much more

 128. NEW->"Pear Bottom on her knees" You will enjoy watching this Gorgeous Pear shaped SSBBW on her knees sucking this lucky man out of his mind. Watch her bounce up and down on his hard dick, see her big fat ass jiggle in footage filmed very close up so you see it all!! With Bonus Footage of Pear Bottom in pink showing her Big beautiful ass. This DVD is loaded with action!

 127. NEW->"Big Lizz, Angel & Mr. J "The Birthday Present" Its Angels boyfriends birthday and guess what surprise she brought home? BIG LIZZ, thats right she gave him another woman and herself. Its a birthday he will never forget! And they do it all! And hes got tons of energy!  you must ad this DVD to your collection.

 126. "Models Audition 19" You can watch Sexy BBWs audition for Mercedes to become strippers, and models for the website. You will enjoy seeing them Dancing, shaking their Big Fat Asses, lots of wiggling and jiggling and taking off their clothes. Meet Pearfection with her gorgeous 98inch ass and the beautiful Supreme Diva.

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